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Maybe he's just been busy ...



The bogosphere never sleeps, baby.


Despite official denials, and repeated insistences that it's dead, dead, dead, the blogosphere is abuzz again with rumours* of Nationals Post sightings. Johnny Sanchez, the host of the popular late night radio show, "WTF Are You Doing Up?" and the low watt, daylight-only, pirate web site Boneless Monkey, made oblique references to his own personal run-in with The Post. "I was standing over here," he said, making a circular hand motion with his left hand, "and Postie, why he was right here," he continued as he made a similar motion to his right, "and I was like, 'hey', and he was was all like, 'You didn't see me. Do you have a dollar?'".

Johnny Sanchez, radio host
known for his on-air pantomimes

Others have pointed to what they call "typical Nationals Post clues" in and around town as signs of life:

Underground Iraqi scientists say these are clever signals

While photographing his wife and mother near the Washington Capital, Nigel Graham inadvertantly captured the image of a Mysterious Passerby walking just behind her. Back in his darkroom in Brighton, England, Mr. Graham isolated and enlarged the passerby, and the image became a worldwide overnight sensation.

Nationals Postie, or one of Monet's shittier efforts?

While authorities continue to repeat the party line that The Post has gone the way of the dodo, dinosaurs, and decency, it should be noted that additional security has been put in place in Atlanta for the upcoming Nationals/Braves series.

Authorities controvert the statemen above, saying the trim package would not have the chrome upgrade.

* British spelling used to show classiness.


Nationals Post Sighting Debunked


Officials say that the recent sightings of The Nationals Post are a hoax, and reiterate that the popular and beloved source of merriment and baseball joy and happy good fun stuff is dead and rotting in the ground. Authorities urge everyone to calm the hell down and go back to whatever it was you weren't doing.

says Evan Zanders,
world class debunker