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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli Wussies Out - Twice


Looking to sell puppy. Will consider trading for an ounce of compassion.

Virginia Attorney General and Tea Party darling, Ken Cuccinelli, normally gets nothing but adoring comments whenever he updates his status on his facebook page. Today was different. Today, he gave away his family dog. A few months ago, the AG mentioned that he was looking for a puppy, and asked if anyone could suggest a place to go. The comments flooded in.

"Atta boy, Ken!"

"You're a great family man! Not like that socialist in the White House!! LOL!!"

Etcetera and like that.

His most recent status update clearly made even his biggest fans uncomfortable. After explaining that puppies were hard to deal with, he offered to sell the one he got for his kids . . . cheap.

After an hour or so of fairly negative and disappointed comments, Virginia's Fierce Advocate for Those Who Love Freedom and Hate Health Insurance, seems to have decided that he made a political miscalculation. Turns out people really like dogs.

The post was removed.

Happily, we at TNP grabbed the text and are reposting it here, for posterity. No effort was made by us to contact the Cooch about his pooch, because we were very busy all day - playing with our beloved dog.

Aww! Wooky wittle SCHMOOPY!!

We figure if Ken wants to comment, he can do so here. We promise not to delete this post, even if our friends like us less for having posted it, or think we're callous and short-sighted, or just generally think we're pandering, douchebag gloryhounds.

We have the little thumbnail profile pix of each commenter, but decided not to post them, out of respect. Here's Ken's, though:

Ken Cuccinelli Okay, this puppy (1st time we've had a puppy) isn't working out for us. She's growing faster than our babies and of course she has a puppy's energy, and it doesn't mix well with our little boys. So, anyone want a short-haried, golden lab? She's housebroken and very friendly. Likes to swim and fetch. We bought her ...for $900 and are ready to part with her for less. Any takers?
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8 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike

◦ Alicia Clark the puppy just needs training. Take her to petsmart and get her (you) trained. Puppies, just like children, take discipline and consistency. Over time she will learn when and where certain behaviors are allowed. Don't give up on her yet :) 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Isabella Hale Serioiusly? give her some time,, all labs are like that.. you live in the country,, keep her outside. Big dogs belong outdoors,, do you have a fence and a dog house... she can be crated for a while.. come'on now you can do it I did it,, even crate her outside in your fenced yard.. sigh. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ LaTanya Carter If you are really going to part with her, I'd think it over. Labs can be trained well and my daughter really misses the dog we had that we had to let go because he was way too much of a roamer. Keep me in mind. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Randy Showalter How much you want for her. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·

◦ Bradley Trimble Ours was the same way... As the kids and the pet aged they became best friends. The dog will attach to the kids and will follow them around the house in no time... 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Kathy Mateer Pets are so wonderful for children, please be patient and reconsider, not just for the dog, but for your children. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Carlo Cordasco Talk to Congessman Wittman...he's got a bunch of goldens...I'm sure he has a suggestion or two!!! 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Chris Royse ‎"She's growing faster than our babies and of course she has a puppy's energy, and it doesn't mix well with our little boys." Are you talking about a dog or the U.S. Government? 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Isabella Hale Randy is funny8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Suzanne Elizabeth Ladka What is the age? Do you know if she is an alpha female? Bob wouldn't mind another but we would have to make sure Marley is okay. Love ya - suz 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Susan Haughton I wish people would give more thought to the puppies they purchase. Labs are energetic dogs - and lab puppies can be exuberant. This should not have been a surprise. I sincerely hope you can find the pup a good home with someone who can handle a lab's personality. Seriously, I love dogs way too much to encourage ANY ONE who is already giving up on a puppy to keep it. Find it a good home with someone who truly wants it. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Randy Showalter Why am I funny I have 3 little girls that would love to have another dog. Our golden retriever passed away this spring and they want another dog. We also have over 8 acres for her to run on.8 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·

◦ Keith Provost Surprising to see you give up so easily. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Mary Beth Rhyne Don't give up yet - keeping her will be well worth it for your children. Remember she has not read the book - so you need to teach her. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Jon Ondrak Sold - how much do you want? 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Carlo Cordasco LOL Chris...I guess untrained puppies are a lot like unconstrained federal spending...see what you've started Mr AG!!!
:-) 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Matt King Training training and training! The dog needs to goto classes and you need to get trained. Our overly aggressive chessie benefited greatly from a solid 8 weeks of training and has turned into a wonderful family dog. 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Isabella Hale Randy buy HER..:) 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Richard McKann I mentioned your situation to my listeners. Lab puppy, yeah there is a bit of energy there 8 hours ago · LikeUnlike

◦ Monica Dolle Chiralo Having met said puppy, I will vouch for her beauty and sweet disposition. Wrong setting for her, though. She will be a wonderful companion for someone. 8 hours ago

◦ John Tilley Shame on you Ken. This is a story. A dog is not a toy. Becoming a pet owner is a serious decision and commitment. You fail. Miserably.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

What 2010 Looked Like


How many years will it take? Not many is my bet. A few years down the road, and nobody's going to believe that Virginia schools sent home forms to opt our kids out of watching a presidential address to the students of the good ol' USA. No, that level of divisiveness is too embarrassing. OK, they'll say, maybe there were some fringe folks who hated this president, but it wasn't the mainstream. It couldn't have been.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Avert Your Eyes


As crews work to stem the effects of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico,
a bird lays helplessly, covered in oil, on the beach.