Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

Roam Plate


The staff and management of TNP are pleased to present a brand new feature. After numerous meetings, gallons of coffee, hundreds of ciggies, two broken desk chairs, and a calvalcade of biting tears, the Sub-committee on Excuses to Dine Out have moulded

The Nationals Post and Friends Thursday Night Dinner Club For Baseball and Other Things

After much debate and many amendments, it was decided that we would caucus at a different local eatery once a week, as a group - to discuss baseball. And other things. The idea was borne out of conversations we had while hallucinating during a 21 day fast that lasted 10 long days.

While baseball is, of course, the primary topic of interest for TNP, the sub-committee amended the agenda to also include
zombie movies
the evolution of source code
the worst public toilets
small arms
small engine repair
small hands
Stuart Smalley
breakfast cereals
Dyson vs. Electrolux
Fergie vs. Pink
Joe vs. the Volcano
soil erosion
world peace
world war
War and Peace
Warren Pace
the lone gunman
Slap Yo' Mama
Barack Obama
Ozark 'Bama
mud flingers
gun slingers
fun singers
folk singers
chicken fingers
Senators who disappointed us with their votes in favor of post-dated immunity for telecoms
the unlikely career of Sally Field
the New Jersey turf grass of the new outfield
and the Washington Nationals crowded infield.

After a contentious round of in-fighting and back-stabbing, the committee settled on having these dinners on Wednesday nights, until the secretary read back the minutes of a previous meeting which contained the previously agreed upon name of the get togethers and the night was moved to Thursday in the name of harmony.

Our first outing was to Cristina's Mexican Food! restaurant in Strasburg, Virginia.

The air was crisp with the enthusiam of a new endeavor and the smell of enchiladas and black beans as we assembled at a four-top table that was pulled away from the wall and given two extra chairs, SPECIAL JUST FOR YOU!

Some of us lingered in the entrance area, pouring over metal shelves filled with crystals and polished stones. We politely asked the passing waitress wtf was up with the display and she explained in a passing mutter that Yon Wooden Crappe Shoppe had been visited by a Mighty Fire, and this was all that was left. With all the crystal balls on these shelves, one might have expected they'd see that coming (rim shot!).

As is the custom in restaurants the world over, our waitress broke the ice by asking us what we would be drinking. Upon returning with one margarita, one Shirley Temple (which was, frankly, a little light on the Shirley), three glasses of water, and one soda, we logged our food demands:

Mole Enchilada - 7.5
Shredded Beef Chimichanga 7
Cheese Quesadilla 6
Mole Enchilada 8
Mexican Flag 7
Beef & Bean Chimichanga w/ guacamole 3

The numbers after each entré indicates the rating given by the diner what et it. As you can see, the beef & bean chimichanga was eaten by the Russian judge. Despite a moment's awkwardness when the bill came undivided, the first caucus of the NPTNDCFB&OT was a huge success. Next week, we will converge upon that new Japanese steak joint out there near the Tractor Supply Company and in dangerous proximity to Maggie Moo's Over-priced Ice Cream Parlour.

You'll get a full report.